Wielofunkcyjny prostownik ze zwrotem energii

Wielofunkcyjny prostownik ze zwrotem energii

Produkty napędowe Falowniki, przetwornice częstotliwości
Tłumienie harmonicznych, zwrot energii, wspólna magistrala zwrotu energii

he FR-XC Series converter is a standalone addition to enhance the efficiency of general purpose Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). It offers harmonic suppression and power regeneration in a single solution, using cutting-edge technology. This allows the FR-XC Series to bring significant cost reduction to systems such as those used in crane, roll-to-roll, and material handling applications.

Key Benefits

FR-XC Multi-functional Regeneration Converter


  • Energy savings – Power regeneration technology allows excess energy to return to the power supply, saving money by eliminating energy consumption.
  • Power supply capacity reduction – Because of the converted and recycled energy, a large power supply capacity becomes unnecessary.
  • Power factor improvement – System input power factor is improved when an FR-XC Series converter is installed.
  • Compact and cost effective – The FR-XC Series converter is practical hardware that can more than pay for itself in energy savings.


Regeneration and mitigation functions

  • Dynamic braking regeneration – For power driving, the converter section of the VFD unit supplies power, and for regenerative driving, the FR-XC Series converter returns power to the power supply. (The FR-XC Series is not for use as a common converter while performing this function.) When the regenerative power is smaller than the VFD capacity, the more compact FR-XC power regeneration converter is the superior option.
FR-XC Multi-functional Regeneration Converter


  • DC common bus regeneration – This function enables continuous regenerative operation at 100% torque. When the converter is connected to multiple inverters, regeneration energy from one inverter is shared among the others. Excessive energy is returned to the power supply, reducing energy consumption.
FR-XC Multi-functional Regeneration Converter


  • Harmonic mitigation (18.5kW to 55kW) – Installing the FR-XC Series converter facilitates compliance with overseas standards related to harmonic suppression (5% or less).
FR-XC Multi-functional Regeneration Converter


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